Stefan Foord


With seventeen years' professional experience working on all makes and models of European cars, if it's on the road, Stefan has likely had his hands on its engine. After spending his childhood snowboarding and working on BMWs and Volvos with his dad, Stefan put in the time to get his business degree before returning to his true passion: cars. 


  • Turner Motorsport

  • German Autosport

  • 3D Autoworks

  • Concord Motorsport

Ellen Foord

co-owner, creative director

What Ellen lacks in automotive know-how, she makes up for in “what if we…” thinking and shenanigans. A freelance creative director, Ellen isn’t at the shop full-time, but is almost always responsible for anything involving PR stunts, social campaigns, digital communications, and 30-foot vintage BMW graphic murals.

Think Arcs and Wrenches sounds like a sweet place to work?

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You are: meticulous, independent, ambitious, and hard-working.
You have: experience with European cars, your own tools, a clean driving record, a functional and reliable alarm clock.


You are: confident, organized, comfortable juggling multiple projects and priorities, a whiz at online research, a master at scheduling.
You have: excellent customer service skills, the patience required to herd cats.

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